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Teaching Language to Our Children


 American Sign Language Alphabet


American Sign Language Alphabet


Here are some great sites for American Sign Language:


  Deafness Resources | Health Administration.org - http://www.healthadministration.org/resources/deafness-resources/  
  Hand Speak - http://www.handspeak.com  
  The National Association for the Deaf, always a good resource for information - http://www.nad.org  
  Starting from A - http://dww.deafworldweb.org/pub/a/asl.html  
  ASL fingerspelling Quiz - http://www.where.com/cgi-bin/quiz.pl - a great site Debbie found  
  World Federation of the Deaf - http://www.wfdeaf.org/  

Click here for a few Miscellaneous notes on ASL and other CCAC contact information for this department.


  Good Luck, you can also find more links at our TLCLinks Page.  
To find out when the ASL courses are offered click on CCAC Catalog.
(check page 10 &11)

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