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 Meet our Members
For TLC & Cue Camp


Executive Leaders - TLC

    President: Eileen Noble - email: success4eb@aol.com  
    Vice President: Linda Boro - email: Linda143@ZBZoom.net  
    Secretary Treasurer: Melanie Fletcher - email: fragilemel@juno.com  


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Committees For Cue Camp


  Fundraising: Linda Boro - email: Linda143@ZBZoom.net  
  Adult Event Coordinator: Brian Cerney - email: BCerney@ccac.edu  
Children Event Coordinator: Dianne H. - email: DeeSteven@Home.com

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Membership Directory
(Alphabetically By Last Name)


(Last Name First)

E-Mail Address

LINDA Boro, Linda Linda143@ZBZoom.net
MAUREEN Casey, Maureen mcasey2753@msn.com


Cerney, Brian  BCerney@ccac.edu
MELANIE Fletcher, Melanie  fragilemel@juno.com
DIANNE H., Dianne  DeeSteven@Home.com
CATHERINE Lynch, Catherine  @unix1.ccac.edu
EILEEN Noble, Eileen  success4eb@aol.com
KATHY Ondek, Katy  katyon@juno.com
JAN Ramella, Jan @unix1.ccac.edu

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Fun Stuff for Members, Friends and Family


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